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Rishikesh is frequented by travelers for adventurous activities like rappelling, white water rafting, jungle walk, rock climbing, trekking and bungee jumping. While there are many starting points for rafting, Shivpuri is one of the most famous ones to visit.

Shivpuri is the second starting point for rafting in Rishikesh. The speed of the water may be slightly higher as compared to those of Brahmpuri. It is always suggested to do some research on rafting before visiting Rishikesh. There are experts present at the camp to help the travelers out in understanding the safety measures and danger points. While you can choose to maximize your fun at the highest level as a beginner or an expert, it is equally important to safeguard oneself from any harm of danger.

According to the international grading system, the waters along the coast of Shivpuri fall in the category of Grade 1 and Grade 2. In this case, the difficulty level moves to the moderate level. However even a non swimmer can go ahead with rafting at Brahmpuri as these waters are completely clear and smooth to sail. Having mentioned this, it becomes quite essential to wear all the safety gears before commencing on the trip.

Return to Sender, Gold Course, Roller Coaster and Club House are few of the very famous rapids of Shivpuri rafting. Any time during September and June is good for visiting Shivpuri. It is recommended that one avoids the time during the monsoons because of the heavy rainfall expected in this location. The entire stretch of the River Ganga that gets covered in rafting from Shivpuri to Ram Jhula is of about 16 kilometers. The total duration required in this lovely rafting including the preparation time is approximately 3.5 hours. It is a location worth visiting especially with friends and family to maximize the fun.

Rafting in Rishikesh & Package - 25 % off

Rafting in rishikesh is wonderful water spot adventure activity in rishikesh . It is filled of lot of funs and enjoy.  Rafting is thrill adventures in rishikesh . Most of people came here to do this activities with their friends and groups.  Rafting in rishikesh package starts from 1000/- * Per Person from Brahmapuri Rafting 9 km. Thanks to our partners, you can find online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

Why go for rafting in rishikesh ?

River Rafting in rishikesh is an remarkable and unforgettable river spot adventure activity in rishikesh that feels you real adventure & fun of your life. 

Rishikesh is most beautiful city of Uttarakhand and river rafting , Kayaking both are water spot activity world famous . Rishikesh is popular for its adventures and yoga meditation and all. Rishikesh is becaming best adventure city of Uttarakhand and popular in all over world.

  • Explore River rafting in Ganga –  Ganga river is known as holy river of India , It is popular in the world . In Rishikesh , Rafting & Camping doing around it.  Rishikesh river rafting offered a great experience of rafters under ganga river.  
  •   Achieve Goal with team building – It helps your team members to balance themselves and also helps them in their work in the office. Rafting involves teamwork and all team members are working towards the same goal. It helps companies to motivate their employees and increase their performance.
  •  Refresh your Mental Health –It helps your team members to balance themselves and also helps them in their work in the office. Rafting involves teamwork and all team members are working towards the same goal. It helps companies to motivate their employees and increase their performance.  Camping in rishikesh  and rafting leave a lot of time to get started. People often strengthen their friendships.


Rishikesh Rafting Seasons

  • Season of rafting in rishikesh – September to June
  • Best time for white river rafting in rishikesh – October to April

Famous River Rafting Points in Rishikesh

Brahampuri (8 Kms) – Shortest and Easiest – Rafting

The section from Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula is the easiest and shortest at around 8 km. This is a Class I rafting expedition and is intended for beginners. People aged 7 to 65 can enjoy this expedition. The section is ideal for families and groups of students. Visit some of the magnificent rapids of the Ganges, such as B. Initiation, Double Trouble, Hilton and Terminator. Rafting is suitable for children and seniors from Bhrahampuri to Rishikesh. It is almost as beautiful a navigation experience with a lot of pleasure as on the Ganges.

Cost Per person : 500 Per Person

Duration : 1-2 hour

River Rafting Distance– 8 Km

Shivpuri Rafting (16 Km) –  Easy , Cost friendly , best selling package

It is 18 km away. The rafting season begins in mid-October and ends in June. Rafting from Shivpuri to is a 10 mile rafting route and includes some of the exhilarating rapids. Rafting in Shivpuri ideally costs Rs. 1000 per person. These costs include the pick up from the rafting office in Rishikesh, the ride to Shivpuri, the cost of the rafting guide and the necessary equipment. It is the best-selling rafting as there are many campsites nearby that offer rafting from Shivpuri.

Cost Per person : 1000 Per Person

Duration : 2-2.5 hour

River Rafting Distance– 16-18 Km

Marine Drive (26 Km) –  Corporate Groups Package

The navigation distance is approximately 27 km and it takes approximately 2 hours to reach the destination. Rafting expedition from Marine Drive to Rishikesh is moderate with few additional rapids compared to Shivpuri. During your rafting session you can enjoy cliff jumping in the Ganges and some beautiful rapids like Three Blind Mice, The Wall, Crossfire Roller Coaster, Golf Course, Clubhouse, Initiation, Double Trouble, Hilton & amp; Terminator.

Cost Per person : 1500 Per Person

Duration : 3-4 hour

River Rafting Distance– 26-28 Km


  • Expert trainers and rafting instructors are there to consult on white water rafting trips and assist in choosing the right stretch.
  • Firstly hire an expert who know river rapids well and can help in scouting the raft even through the rapids well. Secondly, a guide accompanied raft ensures safety as life is valuable.
  • Carefully select the Life Jacket and Helmet based on the size as well as comfort of body and head. An oversized life jacket is dangerous for a rafter.
  • Experienced rafters who prefer to sail their own rafting expedition must not drink alcohol as this can put the lives of all the group rafters on that boat at stake.
  • Rafting in dark is fatal so ensure to reach at campsite or starting point before the onset of dawn.
  • In Rafting Trip, take filled water bottles alongwith you as summer heat may cause nausea, vomiting or dehydration. Furthermore, river water is not apt for drinking so must avoid it.
  • Wear the right thermal wetsuits during White Water River rafting.
  • Summer heat may cause heat strokes during the rafting expedition. The serious effects of heat strokes are nausea, dehydration, headaches, vomiting etc.

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