Rishikesh is a must visit for all those who love adventures. White water rafting, jungle walk, rock climbing and rappelling are few of the activities that are enjoyed by the tourists.

Considering the proximity, Brahmpuri is the nearest point to the river Ganges for starting the rafting trip. White water rafting can be performed by people of all age groups. Whether you are young, experienced, or old, it is always important to seek first hand information about rafting. Moreover tourists are allotted guides at this point of camping so as to make them aware of the do's and don'ts of rafting. Hence it becomes imperative not to miss out on any of the instructions given by the guide to enjoy rafting in the safe way possible.

The rapids in Brahmpuri are categorized as Grade 1 according to the international grading system. This level is the simplest and safest to raft into. Hence every such person who has never tried rafting must definitely venture in the waters running alongside the small village of Brahmpuri. Beginners will enjoy these waters because it is slow moving and relaxing. As a beginner one can get over the initial fears by rafting in this stretch. The most popular rapid of Grade 1 is the 'Sweet Sixteen'. As goes the name of the rapid, so should every individual atleast once in a lifetime enjoy rafting at Brahmpuri.

The distance covered during the rafting at Brahmpuri is close to 9 kilometers. To complete this stretch, approximately 2 to 2.5 hours may be required. The best time to visit Brahmpuri will be between September and June.

Safety Tips

1-Expert trainers and rafting instructors are there to consult on white water rafting trips and assist in choosing the right stretch.

2-Firstly hire an expert who know river rapids well and can help in scouting the raft even through the rapids well. Secondly, a guide accompanied raft ensures safety as life is valuable.

3-Carefully select the Life Jacket and Helmet based on the size as well as comfort of body and head. An oversized life jacket is dangerous for a rafter.

4-Experienced rafters who prefer to sail their own rafting expedition must not drink alcohol as this can put the lives of all the group rafters on that boat at stake.

5-Rafting in dark is fatal so ensure to reach at campsite or starting point before the onset of dawn.

6-In Rafting Trip, take filled water bottles alongwith you as summer heat may cause nausea, vomiting or dehydration. Furthermore, river water is not apt for drinking so must avoid it.

7-Wear the right thermal wetsuits during White Water River rafting.

8-Summer heat may cause heat strokes during the rafting expedition. The serious effects of heat strokes are nausea, dehydration, headaches, vomiting etc.


16 September 2018

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