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Where and how do I use my family ? Will I travel, hike or camp in the family? Consider transportation and durability.

What are the weather conditions? Consider the most extreme weather conditions you are likely to encounter.

Is the weight a problem? If you are backpacking and easy hike, compact and portable features should be considered.

How many people in my group? Determine the appropriate type and size.

Do I need or want more interior? Do you have activity equipment? Consider sleeping and comfort of the store.

How often do I use my store? The frequency is directly proportional to the durability.


I have a flow chart on my website article page that can help you by deciding which tent is the best option for you. Go to the article pages and click on camping tents – find the right flow chart.


Size and scope


Personal preferences dictate the size of your tents. It is important to check the height specification before you decide as this determines whether you are sitting, kneeling or staying in your business. If you need to be in your business, it is better to buy a store that is at least 7 ‘tall. On the other hand, some people want to be close and comfortable, so a much smaller business is needed. However, it is advisable to buy a deal higher than your expected needs.


Camping shops are marked for 2 people, 3 people and so on. A 2 person tent sleeps two people sleeping next to each other, which does not allow the addition of mattresses and equipment. If you personally need more space and also need space for your computer, it is better to increase the brand from two to four, which provides extra space.


Tentacles come in four basic forms:


The A-frame stores are independent, lightweight, easy to build and provide good ventilation. They are usually small and sleep between two and three people, but the available space is little used.

The domes are made of a tent-pole frame and a light fabric. They are easy to erect and are independent, with ropes to hold the tent in place. They have a large interior space.

Tunnel tents use rings arranged in a row on which the fabric is stretched, creating a tunnel. They are the simplest launch tent and offer the most interior space and height. They are one of the most robust and if played properly, can be used in strong winds and bad weather, so they are the most popular with hikers.

Ridged frame tents are large family camping tents. They have a sturdy frame consisting of bars with a shock cord hanging on the fabric of the shop. Wall fabrics usually consist of nylon and polyester. The cabin of the individual holds the tent in bad weather. These stores are usually large and spacious, but are bulkier for transportation and are heavier to set up. Tamed tents provide space for activity equipment and are usually used by larger families on extensive camp tours.



The type of activity you participate in determines the type of tents you should consider. The following table shows the characteristics of the types and applications of the tents.


Single • Light • Compact • Simple • One person


Backpack • Lightweight • Durable • Easy to set up • 2 to 4 people


Recreation • Easy • Compact • Easy to set up • Generally three seasons • From 2 to 4 people


Expedition • Lightweight • Compact • Durable • Easy to set up • Generally four seasons • From 2 to 4 people


Family • Spacious – Multiple Rooms • Versatile • Well ventilated • Large entrance and large windows • Hardener • Generally three seasons • From 4 to 12 people


Season rankings


Camping shops are 1 season, 3 season and all season. These ratings indicate the season in which it is best to use your store. For example, it is certainly not a good idea to camp in winter in a 1 seasonal store.


A season tents or summer tents in general, use a two-ply frame making it light for those who need to consider weight. The tent body contains a large amount of mesh and the rain fly is not as long as other seasonal stores, which increases the ventilation.