Relaxing In Rishikesh: Hindu Temples, Hippies, Yoga

I arrived in Rishikesh on the bus from Dehradun. I’d originally planned to stay for just three nights, but I ended up catching the Rishikesh bug and stayed for seven! I’ve quickly found that every part of India that I visit is a completely different India to the previous; making me realise just how massive India is as a whole! Rishikesh is no exception, when I first walked into the main hive of Rishikesh, right by the Ganga River, I felt very overwhelmed and if I’m honest a little intimidated by this new place. Rishikesh is full of hippies, Hindu temples and is the yoga capital of the world! It’s also very interesting that meat and alcohol are banned from Rishikesh, in an aim to promote a healthier, more spiritual lifestyle.